Sunday, March 29, 2009


I recently I decided that I wanted to create a unique DIY shirt. I thought I knew what I was doing but I messed up. LOL! Well anyway, my main objective was to create a shirt that was sort of texture-y scratchy looking shirt through the use of bleach and such.

What I used:

· A dark Coloured tee-shirt of some sort that you are willing to possibly destroy (I bought mine at Michael's for 2 bucks! SCORE)

· Regular Household Bleach

· An overflowing sandwich bag filled with grass and weeds (If you don't mind ripping them out of the ground).

· Old Towel for working space/an area that bleach won’t affect.

· YOUR HANDS (Simple DIY right? Anyway let’s get back to business)

What I did:

I laid out an old towel in a safe area so that the bleach couldn't harm and dressed in some old clothes JUST IN CASE I got some on me. I put the shirt on the towel and evenly sprinkled a layer of grass all around the front side of the shirt.

Then, I got the bleach sprayer thingy and sprayed away. Their really is no technique to do so, I just sort of sprayed it in the air and let it “rain” on the shirt. After doing so, I let the shirt and grass lie there for about ten minutes and slowly took off the grass. I again let the shirt rest for a while and then I tossed it in the washer with cold water then dried it. After all that work this it how the shirt came out:

I do not intend this to be a instructional for DIY or whatever because I didn't really know what I was doing. I messed up by leaving the plastic sandwich bag ON the shirt and the corner of it is left un-bleached. I sort of like it though. Once you get past the fact that it looks like Halloween it looks nice. Anyway I just thought I'd share with you what I did on a boring Saturday Afternoon. Heres a picture of it on me. I wore it today.

diy shirt, aa cardi, blue skinnies

A few of my friends and I were supposed to hangout and I thought I'd sport my new falied attempt to DIY haha. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a ride so I am stuck here for rest of the day. I think the blog is still in the idle position but I just thought I'd post something.I guess I'll just wear this tomorrow since nobody even saw me.


  1. COOL SHIRT BUDDAY probably gonna make you make me one.




  2. Coolest DIY ever! And yes, my post title was about the Little Boots song. I heard it on the Urban Outfitters playlist 'LSTN #4'.