Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Okay... this post is basically a post to give Fred Flare the credibility it deserves. This website store has numerous knick-knacks that are the coolest and I am surprised that in my like 2 years of knowing it existed not a single person I ask truly knows what it is. (Besides my firends of course.) A lot of their things are sold at urban outfitters as well. Which pisses me off because people then think URBAN OUTFITTERS made them and not Fred Flare. Anyway the perfect example of a FF item is the hamburger phone that you can see in the film Juno.

Here are some other interesting items sold at Fred Flare:

typography soap
buttered toast wallet
USB tulip hub
ice cream lamp
giant earbud speakers

Did I mention they also sell clothes? Im tired of talking about it though. GO TO FREDFLARE.COM AND SEE FOR YOURSELF. K thanks bye.

xx joe

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